Питомник Wolferudel (Волчья стая)


Our kennel Wolferudel is situated on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the  Vologda Region, in Emelyanovo village.

The kennel appeared when in February 2007 we purchased Oleg von Karthago, a dog of work breeding from the kennel of German shepherd dogs von Karthago, which belongs to Artur Kemmer.

The whelp was of a grey colour of zonal distribution. It resembled a wolf very much. That's why we decided to name our kennel Wolderudel (Wolf Pack).

In June 2009 a female dog Zari von Karthago from the kennel von Karthago was brought.

Shishkovskaya Raisa

Shishkovskaya Raisa - obtains the profession of an engineer. She has been working with dogs for 16 years. She completed the Russian Cynology Federation Courses "RCF - expert in the working qualities of dogs".

She is also an SV - member since 01. 12. 2004. № 12236144/LG16

Shishkovskaya Irina

Shishkovskaya Irina regularly translates different materials and articles for the site.


Russian Federation, Vologda Region, Emelyanovo Village, House 2

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